Welcome to the

Hour Of Code 2017

at Box Island!


Take a trip on Box Island and help Hiro collect all the stars scattered in the wilderness! In this special Hour of Code edition of Box Island, you will learn the basics of algorithms, sequences, loops and conditionals! The tutorial is student-led and suitable for all ages.

Recommended Age Range: 6+

Technical Requirements: Phones or tablets, Android & iOS

Supported Languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Turkish, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic.

Download Box Island:

Open the app and select hour of code

Play the tutorial for 1 hour

Choose a suitable age level

In the tutorial, you can choose the suitable age level for your class or student

Share the experience

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Gender neutral and culturally friendly

The friendly characters, colorful and bright 3D game world and entertaining story parts make the experience a joy for boys and girls all around the world.

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